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There is a tremendous difference between Agents, what they do, and the results they get.  While every Agent will promise to sell your home, the reality today is that simply does not always happen.  The truth of the matter is, many of the home owner do not get the price they want for their home and some of these homes never sell at all.  It’s highly frustrating to a home seller like yourself.  But even more important than not selling your home is that this can be financially crushing if you are counting on the sale of your home to fulfill other obligations, to pay off debt or simply to move on with your life.   

You may be walking a financial and emotional tightrope or simply want to get your home SOLD for TOP DOLLAR AND FAST in an environment of short sales and foreclosed homes.  Whatever your reason or personal situation, Maria can help by Guaranteeing the sale of your home at Your Price - 100%!

"Maria sets herself apart by being accountable to You.  She doesn’t just make empty promises to get your home SOLD for the HIGHEST Price possible, she GUARANTEE-s it upfront and in writing.  In other words, Maria puts her money where her mouth is. How many agents do You know that are taking the risk and guaranteeing their performance?" Debbie Scheifer

"Instead of making excuses Maria gives you an upfront written GUARANTEE of Performanceand if she doesn’t live up to this agreement, she Pays You $4,000 in Cash! She paid us $4,000 and sold the home in just 8 days. Maria took the risk so we didn't have to. We had already bought a new construction home and this worked for us big time!" Susan and Mo Emanue-El

For the Quick Sale of your home fill out the information and click "Submit" ===>

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